Fáilte go Mullach Íde. Malahide Chamber of Commerce is proud to represent the businesses of Malahide, North Dublin’s premier town. Our town is situated by the sea and has won several national and international awards.

Malahide is renowned for its beauty, location and facilities. The town sparkles with its individual shops, boutiques, hotels, famous pubs and a diverse selection of excellent restaurants. There are many activities available to visitors, ranging from our ancient Castle and Gardens, to the modern Marina.

The seaside location is just 8km from Dublin Airport, is accessible from the M50 and M1 motorways and is serviced by both Bus and DART rail transport.

Malahide Chamber of Commerce was founded in 1971 and represents over 250 businesses in the town. We welcome you to our town, a great place to work and a wonderful place to live.


URGENT: Traffic Chaos for Malahide


Fingal plans to close roads and divert traffic


From 18th November you will see the No Entry, No Access and No Turn signs introduced by Fingal County Council to Malahide. The plan is to block off a section of Grove Road in front of Oliver Plunkett's twice daily and permanently create a one way system on Grove Road and The Rise.

This will literally drive extra traffic throughout the day into the already congested Diamond and the junction between the Mall and The Rise.

The stated purpose is to create a traffic free zone around St. Oliver Plunkett's school in order to reduce carbon exposure and induce walking and cycling to school. 
This, in itself, is a laudable aspiration. However, when the Chamber met Fingal about these proposals, we pointed out several flaws in this plan:

  • Traffic will be displaced to Church Road, Grove Road and The Rise causing severe traffic congestion on these streets and for traffic seeking to transverse the Village.
  • This will create more traffic outside St. Andrew’s school, with consequences for their pupils.
  • This extra traffic will impede access to Malahide Community school from the Diamond.
  • There are no Cycle lanes provided to the school to ensure safe passage.
  • The proposed permanent one way on Grove Road and The Rise will cause extra traffic movements and force more vehicles into the Village centre.
  • The proposed closed section on Grove Road further reduces parking in the Village.

We believe the traffic chaos caused by this plan will be detrimental to businesses and residents in Malahide.
Such a huge change to the Village would normally involve proper consultation but this does not seem to be the case. We are also not aware of any traffic study being conducted by the Council.
Yesterday the Council announced a Public Meeting with just 24-hour notice. This meeting at 7.30pm today Tuesday, is taking place in Portmarnock. This short notice does not seem designed to encourage local voices to be heard but we hope you will take time to attend at the Portmarnock Links Hotel tonight.
The application by Fingal for the Scheme has already been published in today’s papers so it is uncertain whether any local opinion will be considered in this consultation meeting.
Our alternative proposal to Fingal would be:

  • Create proper Cycle lanes and paths to all our schools. This would be the best way to encourage traffic reduction at our schools without the drastic measures that punitively disrupt traffic and the life of our town.

The Chamber is opposed to this scheme. If you cannot make the short notice meeting tonight, please give your feedback at www.consult.fingal.ie or make representations to our local Councillors. You may also write to in writing to the Senior Executive Engineer, Operations Department, Fingal County Council, Grove Road, Blanchardstown, Dublin 15 by 12 noon 31st October 2019.
Malahide needs a by-pass, better traffic management and safe Cycle Lanes, not chaos.
Download the Map of the proposals here and Fingal Leaflet Information here



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